Pianist • Composer • Novelist • Fine Artist

"Hers Is A Soul Inspired By Music!" - BONNER RUNDSCHAU


ELENI TRAGANAS is the rare Renaissance Woman of her generation. An  acclaimed concert pianist, composer, author and fine artist, her  varied award-winning activities have amassed accolades from the international press. Founder/Director of Artist Pianist Productions, and the distinguished Alexiad Chorale, her novel TWELFTH HOUSE has been hailed as 'a striking new work...a hectic story of breakneck discovery' 
— Jim Feast, Reviewer, THE AMERICAN BOOK REVIEW 

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The Inspiration Behind The Artist

"I want to express the ineffable, the inexpressible, a longing for the  infinite, the stoppage of time — through whatever means are at my  disposal. My international career as a performing artist-composer and my intensive skills in the realm of visual art have enabled me to  appreciate the qualities of clarity, discipline, a sense of color harmony and balance, rhythmic density and perfection of technique. In any artistic medium, these translate into the requisite tools of one's craft. As a Realist Romanticist in my approach to both music and art, my  ultimate vision is the same: to seize a timeless moment and illumine it with beauty"